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Monthly Archives: January 2013

20th January 2013


Are you the main character in a trashy romance, or playing a minor role in a tense crime thriller?
If you wrote the story of your life in London, what would you call it?

We’re looking for the funniest, saddest,
wildest, tenderest, angriest, humblest and most radical titles to turn into a unique short film of life in the capital.

If your title is chosen, you’ll be starring alongside 100 other Londoners, aged 1 to 100, in an inspirational portrait of the city. You and your friends will also be invited to a special outdoor screening of the film, before the film is shared with millions of people online.Read More

2nd January 2013


A selection of instruments and objects I brought back from my journeys in Turkey and East European Countries ( Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece)