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17th November 2014

Silk and Rumble


OhmBoyz  [/one_half] [one_half_last]In a very different genre than all the music I presented you with until now, Silk and Rumble explores the power of one very special plugin: The OmhBoyz Delay by OhmForce.

In spite of the synthetic aspect of this music piece, I must explain that I didn’t use any synthesiser to arrange it, but only transformed and created my own sounds by using the OhmBoyz. This plugin, while being quite complex to master, offers unlimited options, as you can nest up to 4 different delay the one into[/one_half_last]
the other. I strongly advise anyone who wants to produce electronic music to dwell into it. Just one advice: try not to get lost!

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The video is a test. I made during an evening to check the Red Giant Plugin for After Effect, (Adobe Creative Suite).

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Autre Vision

Les angles sont tranchants
Comme le miroir et ses reflets
Les images mensongères.

Il neige il neige des flocons de lune,
Sur la ville toujours endormie.
Et si la vie encore se consume,
Déjà des spectres volent dans mes nuits.

Toujours faire et défaire
Bâtir, détruire, reconstruire
Strates et autres couches.

Fantômes, fantômes; mémoire, visions perdues
Frêles souvenirs, enclumes rougies…
Divinités et ange déchu
Dessinent en moi des soleils gris.

Soleils fluides, flots sonores
Nappes tranquilles et notes d’or
Cordes sensibles, coeur enflamé
Résonne en moi, musique sacrée!


17th November 2014

Prayer and Despair

Official video for the song “Prayer and Despair” by G.I Gurdjieff, played by Cedric Fangeat (Piano)

15th November 2014

Mixing & Mastering

[one_half]Memories [/one_half]

The new trend in mastering is to work on the individual tracks that compose a mix rather than on the mix itself. It is indeed becoming frequent that clients submit OMF files rather than a down-mix of the actual songs, giving the sound engineer who is in charge with mastering the album a greater control and a more precise approach to his work. In other words, Mixing and Mastering are somehow getting a step closer, and I find it all together quite interesting.Read More

12th November 2014


Video & Editing by RoPu Chen

Music & Sound by Cedric Fangeat


Sometimes I wish I could hear and understand the language of the trees, the grass and other insects that I meet while rambling through the forest and fields that I find around the place I live. We name them and name the sounds they make, differently depending of the language we use, lets say, as an example, a duck in english makes “quack quack” while in French it does “coin coin”.

This video explores nature and searches for its sounds. It also is an invitation to go further in your natural surrounding to make your own research and discoveries, because if you never go to walk in a field, after all, what would you know about its smells, its sounds, its colours and other way to excite your senses.

As the saying states : “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

If you never go to the forest, then does the forest even exist for you?

Think about it. But more importantly, go to explore!



11th November 2014

Cherry on Top

Few years ago we started to produce some animations with RoPu Chen .

She designed and animated the videos while I made the music and sound design.

Here are two of them: