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31st March 2015

Frontier Sportswear

I am very honoured to have been asked to make the music for this video which is the official release for the Frontier Sportswear sponsorship of two Taiwanese very talented young athletes. They are so young and yet so skilful that the owner of the sportswear brand Frontier decided to give them a hand by sponsoring them. This video will explain you why and how.

Frontier在2015年的國際自行車展首次公開的全新影片,現在,正式與大家見面囉 !!
江勝山ミ Dan Sheng-Shan Chiang (阿丹)與王姿茜都是台灣擁有優異成績的運動選手,但因為項目較冷門,所以關注度遠遠不如棒球,籃球等熱門運動。不論是下坡車或滑冰,都不是Frontier的重點項目,但我們總是希望在自己能力範圍內,為這塊土地盡點力,因為資源有限,所以可以做的比起大品牌來說真的不多,只是希望大家能夠看到,看到這些不停努力前進的運動員們。

Director of Photography/ Cinematographer – RoHsuan Chen 陳若軒
Cinematographer – Tommaso Muzzi
Editor – RoPu Chen 陳若璞
Composer/ Sound Designer – Cedric Fangeat