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I was born the winter of 1976 at my parent’s home on the out­skirts of Paris. At the age of fif­teen, my close friend’s sud­den death brought him to the piano as a way of work­ing through my grief. It was during this period that I discovered the music of Beethoven, at first, followed by the authors of the French avant-garde such as Ravel and Debussy and later, that of artists such as Satie and Gurdjieff (of whom I have just recorded a series of 13 songs taken from his repertoire), and minimalist music. I left home at an early age to travel the world. I lived for a while with an amer­in­dian tribe in the Amazon, and also in India. A self-made com­poser, I cur­rently reside in Lon­don, where I teach music and work on a vari­ety of inde­pend­ent projects.

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Beside traveling and discovering many cultures, I have collaborated with many independent artists, from a variety of backgrounds and that is what make my music a rich mix of genre and musical cultures. Occasionally I compose hip-hop music for and with my Italian crew (Funkyamama / Esa aka el presidente – Rastea), or co-produce some beats for the already well established American Rapper, Logan P. McCoy. I have produced and arranged the debut album of the French pop singer Antoine, and created music for a documentary set in North Africa, as well as for many videos. I have created the finest oriental melodies, assisted by the astonishing Pakistani singer, Musadiq Sanwal, my dear friend who sadly passed away on January, 17, 2014.
From Reggae and Dub to Jazz and World music, my creativity is limitless even though orchestral music and music for films and ballet are presently my main focus.  I have spent the last several years working diligently to build a very large bank of orchestral themes and at present  I am working on a post-classical ballet titled A princess in Exil.
Pianist, guitarist, performer, improviser, teacher, my world is one constructed of music and sound.
As a teacher I give private lessons and also works in schools. I teach the recorder, the piano and the guitar, and also have lead a music assisted by computer workshop, with kids aged 8 to 11.