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4th February 2014

A Musical Tweet

A musical tweet

I joined twitter about a year ago and recently, after spending quite some time on it, I noticed that always the same themes and kind of jokes and words were coming back. A short list of this words could include these:

When / That / Soul / Touch / Heart / Real /  Moment / Sexless / Hurt / Love / Feel / Lonely / Deep / Scar / Laugh. So many cliché that are so common on twitter that I myself start to want to banish them from my vocabulary.

So, words and ideas, short jokes and funny phrases are what make twitter alive. You can also share videos, photographs, links towards any pages you like, but there is no audio streaming facilities directly integrated to Twitter. In fact, music isn’t a main pole on this platform, and because I am a musician I decided to try to change that trend. That is how and why A MUSICAL TWEET was born.

Leave your keyboard and go to your piano!

Basically, A musical tweet is a piece of music organised around the same set of rules that are applying to tweets, which really is a limitation of 140 characters, and yet having a fully developed idea. So a musical tweet can use a maximum of 140 notes, used in chords or melodies. Like tweets can be expressed in all the existing languages, a musical tweet can be written for any instrument, even for voice, sang, but the usage of words is prohibited. All shall be express exclusively using music and sounds, but no actual language.Read More

12th December 2013

South America

A selection of instruments and objects I brought back from my journeys in South America (Brazil, Peru, French Guyana)

3rd November 2013

FORever Now

Directed and filmed by Shane Dempsey (Fragments)
Edited by RoPu Chen (Green October)
Music composition by Cedric Fangeat (Green October)
Funded by South Tipperary County
Council Arts Service and INTERREG
NWE IVB Project – Green and Blue Futures

Nine young people from Carrick-on-Suir have made a hard-hitting short film on the topic of bullying.

“FORever NOW” deals with issues such as family, friendship, bullying, stress among young people, alienation and the ultimate triumph of the human spirit and was launched at the Brewery Lane Theatre on Saturday, February 9.

Read More

20th January 2013


Are you the main character in a trashy romance, or playing a minor role in a tense crime thriller?
If you wrote the story of your life in London, what would you call it?

We’re looking for the funniest, saddest,
wildest, tenderest, angriest, humblest and most radical titles to turn into a unique short film of life in the capital.

If your title is chosen, you’ll be starring alongside 100 other Londoners, aged 1 to 100, in an inspirational portrait of the city. You and your friends will also be invited to a special outdoor screening of the film, before the film is shared with millions of people online.Read More

2nd January 2013


A selection of instruments and objects I brought back from my journeys in Turkey and East European Countries ( Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece)